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By taking care of the communities are places we visit
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Our tours benefit the communities we visit either directly from your help or via our support
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Barking Gecko offsets its carbon emissions generated from its its business and transportation
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Small groups, environmentally responsible which equals a positive experience for you
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Barking Gecko Travel

Responsible Travel Policy

 Social Responsibility

  • Wherever practicable Barking Gecko will use community based tourism initiatives and projects which are operated by the communities we visit. Where we initiate a project we will do our best to involve the local community so they are able to benefit while still maintaining their culture, traditions and daily ways of life.

  • We recruit local people in both office and field positions. we only employ guides that are natives of this part of Thailand and know the areas very well, they will be able to show you a side of their homeland other travelers miss out on. All our tour and trekking guides are chosen for their enthusiasm and a genuine love of the job.

  • Wherever possible supplies and equipment are purchased locally. this includes the use of local eateries and buying supplies from the local population and local markets. Small, family-run establishments make up a high percentage of the accommodation we use. Where it is practical but not intrusive we also stay as guests of local families. Although generally more basic, home stays and village stays provide an invaluable insight into the local lifestyle.
  • When visiting hill tribe communities, we aim to minimize any negative impacts that outside visitors may have on the community involved.

  • As well as going to great lengths to ensure the local community will benefit fairly from tourism in their areas and villages we will donate 10% of our profits directly to projects which will benefit the local community. Click here to view some projects we support.

Environmental Responsibility

  • As part of our environmental policy we will offset all carbon emissions we produce (both in the office and out in the field) with tree planting in local reforestation schemes. This also includes the carbon emissions created in handling and transporting you our valued customer.

  • Barking Gecko will do what is practicable to minimize its carbon footprint and refrain from the unnecessary production of CO2 into the earth's atmosphere in the course of its operations. We place a heavy emphasis on you our customer traveling under their own steam not only is this more environmentally friendly you will find this a more fulfilling way to travel and will get closer to the country and communities we are visiting. We aim to keep engined vehicle use to a minimum where this is not practicable then Barking Gecko will offset all its carbon emission produced in your transportation.

  • We strive to minimize waste in both our office based as well as our tour based activities, and recycle where practical, We also actively encourage our guests to help clean up the areas we visit

  • The elephant is a naturally a wild animal so in preparation for them performing at shows and letting tourists riding on their backs The elephants are usually put through harsh training regimes . As Barking Gecko can not be sure of training methods used by any external organization and continued treatment and welfare of the elephant while in the services of these organizations we do not offer any elephant riding, mahout courses or visits to Elephant shows. We suggest that if you want to get up close and personal with elephants then please take the time to visit The Elephant Nature Park..
Community Based Tourism
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